The blog that you have just stumbled upon is not, as the name might suggest, a breakfast blog. Breakfast with Katie is first and foremost a fashion and lifestyle blog that combines the glamour of big city living with a tropical island vibe. While I do absolutely love breakfast, and it’s very possible that I’ll share a favorite café or a delicious new oatmeal recipe from time to time, I named my blog Breakfast with Katie because I always find myself reading the newspaper or scrolling through Pinterest over my morning coffee. I think of breakfast as my personal time to hunt for my day’s inspiration. My hope is that some of you may begin to spend your breakfast time with me.

I’d like to thank several people for helping me to make my blog a reality: My sister, Claire Galloway, for taking and editing hundreds of photos, and never once complaining. My friends, Mo Sakallah and Kristin Paulo, for helping endlessly with the technical side of my site. And all of the friends who have supported my ideas and listened to me babble on and on about blogging and clothes.

Want to know more?

Q. Favorite season?     A. Summer.
Q. City or country?     A. Beach.
Q. Favorite accessory?     A. Sunglasses.
Q. Coffee or tea?     A. Coffee.
Q. Favorite brands?     A. For Love and Lemons, XIX Palms, Amuse Society, Faithfull the Brand.

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