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Hi, everyone!

Today I’m sharing an outfit that I have worn a couple of times over the course of the last few weeks. I always really liked the trend of wearing matching separates but I never really got into it myself until now. I know it kind of looks like I’m wearing a dress in the photos, which I love, but the top and skirt are also easy to pair with other pieces in my closet. Recently, I’ve worn the top with high waisted denim shorts and converse and the skirt with a white off-the-shoulder crop top and sandals. This time around I opted to wear a new pair of ankle boots.

I also want to use this post as a way to congratulate the brand, Amuse Society, for winning the SIMA award for Women’s Apparel Brand of the Year this past Thursday! I can’t get enough of this brand (as is pretty obvious from many of my more recent posts) and I’m so impressed by all of the amazing things they’ve accomplished in such a short time. Designer Mandy Fry’s stylish and innovative pieces will definitely continue to make appearances on my blog for many posts to come!

As always, thank you for reading.

Amuse Society top and skirt. Zara boots. Urban Outfitters purse. Ray Bay aviators.


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