Fall Days and Ferry Rides

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For today’s post I am sharing the last of my Seattle photos, taken on the last day we spent there. Given that it was another exceptionally beautiful day, we decided to take one of the ferries between Seattle and the many neighboring towns. We ended up in the city of Bainbridge Island and took a walk down by the water before slipping into a candy shop and sampling some fudge. If you’re visiting Seattle, this is definitely something I recommend doing. The ferry is super inexpensive and you get a glorious view of Seattle’s skyline from the water.

I also was able to visit the Alpha Phi house at the University of Washington. It’s always cool to see different chapter houses, even as an alum. Being on a college campus definitely made me a little bit nostalgic and I found myself missing the Alpha Phi’s I got to know and love at the University of Minnesota.

It was quite chilly when we left home to grab breakfast in the morning so I slipped a scarf and a fall jacket over my top and skirt combo. I also opted for a pair of rainboots instead of flats, which turned out to be a bad call because by the time midday hit it was sweltering.

All in all, it was wonderful exploring Seattle and spending time with family. I have always loved fall and it’s definitely one of the things I really miss about living on the mainland, so I felt lucky to get a little taste of it while on this trip.

To all of you who are on the mainland, enjoy your fall season and know that I am envious of all of your Snapchats and Instagrams!

That’s all for today. Ciao!

Brandy Melville top. Kate Spade skirt and purse. Hunter rainboots.

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