Matchy Matchy

Summer is winding down and I’m feeling really sad (because that means the seasonal depression is just around the river bend)…but I’m trying to make the most out of each summer day that we have left. I’ve been going to the beach as much as possible, ordering my coffee iced, opting to walk from place to place whenever possible, and leaving my windows open. I’ve also been wearing all of my favorite summer pieces. Yeah, yeah, sweater weather is great and all but if it wasn’t already obvious I prefer to dress for warm sunny days. This summer (and last, let’s be honest) I lived in matching sets. I mean, it’s actually excessive how many top and skirt/pant/shorts sets I have. I always justify these purchases by telling myself I can wear them together OR separately, like wow I will have a whole array of new outfits! But really I have a problem, not to mention people in Chicago look at me like I’m absolutely nuts when I walk around in head-to-toe hibiscus print. Dare to be different? So here are a bunch of photos of me wearing various matching sets that I’ve accumulated over the past two years. I […]

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Blueberry Picking

Another summer tradition here. Berry picking! Near our family cottage is a blueberry farm called the Sugar Shack. I truly believe that this place grows the very best blueberries in the world. And that’s saying something because I am an avid blueberry consumer. Fun fact: my grandma on my dad’s side was the very first customer to ever pick blueberries here. Ownership has changed since then but we still make it out at least once a summer to pick (and eat) the ripe little berries. We usually pick way too many, but luckily there’s no shortage of yummy recipes to make sure we use them all up. I made blueberry jam for the first time ever last week and my sister and I are planning a blueberry peach pie for this weekend. Despite some light rain in the morning, I pulled out this XIX Palms number to wear to the farm. My dad didn’t let me hear the end of it. “You’re wearing a dress to the blueberry farm?!” Do it for the blog pics, pop. Do it for the blog pics. You guys don’t know the half of it when it comes to how much he makes fun of […]

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The Red Barn

Michelle by Comune top. PacSun denim pants. Urban Outfitters sunnies. Amuse Society x Matisse sandals. Photos by Claire Galloway. 

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Seneca Farms

Instead of throwing it back to spring again today, I’m sharing a look from a couple weeks ago. I know I’ve been jumping back and forth and there is no chronology to my blog as of late, but I kind of like it. It reflects the constant jumping around of my mind this summer. I’m usually a pretty organized person and I like to adhere to some kind of a schedule and have things planned out, which is why it’s been an adjustment to find over the last couple months that I’ve become rather restless. It’s like I’ve had this sudden realization that life is short and I have so much to do…but I can’t decide what to do first! Many days I wake up with a random new hobby or goal. One minute I’m trying to teach myself the ukulele and the next I’m stirring homemade jam on the stove while googling cheap flights to France. Yesterday I was certain I wanted to jump on the next plane back to Hawaii and open a boutique and today I’m daydreaming about Mexico and dancing to reggaeton until the sun comes up. The mind is a beautiful thing and I could […]

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White on White

For Love and Lemons skirt. Brandy Melville top. Nordstrom hat. Ray Ban aviators. Amuse Society x Matisse sandals. Kate Spade necklace. Kira Hawaii and Kendra Scott rings. Photos by Claire Galloway.

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Beach Day

Cotton Candy LA dress. Amuse Society bathing suit. Urban Outfitters sunnies. Kira Hawaii bracelet, necklace, and rings. Anthropologie earrings. Francesca’s sunhat. Photos by Ray Blas.

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