Galentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all!

This is my first single Valentine’s Day literally I think ever…or at least since elementary school. I’m not saying that to be annoying, it’s just the strange honest truth. (And I think that in itself says something…jeez Katie, maybe try out the single life? I’m on it…work in progress.) Suffice it to say, I was extremely excited to celebrate my very first “Galentine’s Day” this year. Being in a relationship is great, of course, but I decided last fall that 2018 was going to be a year dedicated to nurturing my friendships. It’s kind of inevitable when you enter a new romantic relationship that your friendships are going to at least change, if not suffer. I dove headfirst into my last relationship and as a result unintentionally distanced myself from many of my closest friends (both emotionally and obviously in terms of physical distance. Hawaii is pretty dang far.) It’s been the most beautiful experience rekindling them since moving back to the Midwest. I feel so lucky that so many friendships fell right back into place with little effort. Going forward in life, I hope I never lose sight of how special and valuable friendships are again. They are to be cherished and nurtured constantly. They are living, breathing things, always evolving and growing along with us.

So back to Galentine’s: My girlfriends from high school have been celebrating this exquisite holiday for years but there has always been a strict Single Ladies Only rule enforced. This year I was honored to join the ranks and take my place beside Annie, Devonna, Allison, Liz, and Bridget. Annie and I drove from Madison down to Chicago where the rest of our gal pals live and we all spent a beautiful weekend together, empowering one another, getting into mischief, and eating and drinking. (A lot.) Nothing against guys, I have so many amazing male friends who are just as important in my life, but there is something truly special about women empowering and encouraging other women. We’re all living in this world of silent competition. Who has more Instagram likes? Who has more followers? Who has a flatter stomach or more perfect complexion? BLAHBLAHBLAH. It can be challenging to remove yourself from this crazy superficial online universe and bring yourself back down to earth and remember that we’re all humans. Beautiful, flawed, perfectly imperfect humans. To any women out there reading this, whether I know you or not, I want to just say I love you for being you. Let’s keep bringing each other up instead of tearing each other down.

So, the moral is appreciate your friends. Make it a priority to spend time with them. Call them randomly just to tell them you love them. Better yet, send them a card to tell them you love them. (Because everyone loves getting mail.) Listen to each other, support each other, love unconditionally and without judgement. Because at the end of the day, our relationships with others…friends, parents, children, coworkers, neighbors, ourselves, ANYONE…are what matter.

Thank you to all of my friends, near and far, for loving me, accepting me, challenging me, and lifting me up when I’m feeling weak. I love you all so much.

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