Greens, greens, greens

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My mama always told me, eat your greens, veggies are good for you. And I was always like ew, so gross, I’ll never like vegetables. And then, what do you know…as usual, my lovely mother was right!

These days I can’t get enough. Salads, stir fries, cauliflower mashed potatoes, you name it! And then of course, there are smoothies. Smoothies are a great way for people who maybe haven’t grown to like vegetables so much to get those nutrients that are so important to our health. I make them all the time and have a pretty great repertoire of recipes, but I still sometimes like to try new ones at various cafes and restaurants.

Today, I’m sharing my all-time favorite smoothie. For those of you living on Oahu, if you haven’t already tried out Leahi Health, you’re seriously missing out! They just opened up a new location in Aina Haina, plus they have two established eateries in Kailua and Kaimuki. The number one best-selling smoothie on their list is called the King Green and it’s super refreshing and delicious! It’s also easy to replicate at home so I’ll be posting the recipe soon!

Anyways, my sister snapped these photos after we made a King Green breakfast run to Leahi a little while back. I felt super earthy and green standing by a bunch of beautiful palms in my earth-toned patterned dress!

Urban Outfitters dress. Macy’s sandals. D’Blanc sunnies. Anthropologie earrings. Kate Spade bracelets. Leather bag from a market in Florence.
Photos by Claire Galloway.


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