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The other day when I was in the showroom where I work, I kept staring at this beautiful lace kimono because it reminded me of winter. Although it is meant to be worn in warm weather and has some floral detail, all I could think about when I looked at the intricate lace and the fringe was icicles and snowflakes.

Perhaps that’s because Ryan and I are getting all packed and ready to head to Wisconsin for Christmas and we’re really excited for the chilly weather and snow! That said, I’ve been preparing by soaking up every last drop of sunshine I possibly can before tomorrow’s departure. So this morning, with an iced chai latte in one hand and one of my favorite books in the other, I headed to a tiny isolated beach for a morning lounge session.

Maybe some of you have heard of Amuse Society, but if not, I’m excited to introduce you to it. Thanks to my new job, I have had the privilege of working closely with this amazing brand, which is still fairly new but doing extremely well. My bikini top is from the Holiday ’15 collection and is currently available online in a couple different colors. The lace kimono I’m wearing is a piece that will be available as a part of the Summer ’16 collection, so keep your eyes peeled this coming year!

To those of you traveling to warm places this holiday season, I hope this post gets you excited to arrive at your destinations. To those posted up in the colder regions, maybe it will get you looking forward to spring break, but in the meantime, try to appreciate every last minute spent bundled up in warm PJ’s with family and a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. Can’t wait to join you by the fireplace in my slippers and robe!

Safe travels to those who are traveling and mele kalikimaka!

Amuse Society kimono and bikini top. Forever 21 bikini bottom. J.Crew beach bag. D’Blanc sunnies.

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