Holiday Stoops

As the Carpenters sang, “greeting cards have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through,” but I’m still daydreaming about how festive Christmas lights look against fresh fallen snow. I’m not a girl who enjoys the cold – never have been and almost certainly never will be – however, Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas to me unless I’m in a cold snowy place. I grew up spending every Christmas of my life in Wisconsin (except the time when my family decided to go to Guatemala and I was deathly ill the entire time…great memories.) Even when my sister and I were still young and living in California we always made the trek to the Midwest for the holidays. I became accustomed to the sun going down at 4:30 in the afternoon, wearing boots everyday, and having to blow dry my hair before going sledding so that it wouldn’t freeze into tiny icicles.

Since moving to Hawaii, nothing has changed. Each year I dump all of my “warmest” beach sweaters and long pants into a suitcase and fly to Wisconsin to visit the family. My parents will pick me up from the airport, sometimes we’ll stop for breakfast or coffee, and then we drive to the house to get settled. My first glimpse of Christmas at home is always the decorations outside. My parents always place a beautiful perfect wreath on the front door and hang lights on a few of the trees in the woods next to the house. It’s a simple scene but it brings me such a warm feeling. And then over the course of the next couple of weeks it’s the same thing everywhere we go, whether it’s the pinecones hung on the stoop of my Aunt Jenny and Tio Miguel’s house or the perfectly positioned wreath with special lighting at Uncle Tod’s. The weather may not add to the warmth of the season, but the festive decor certainly does in my book.

Outfit 1: Michael Kors trench coat. J.Crew blouse. Brandy Melville suede skirt. Louis Vuitton bag. Franco Sarto boots. Target hat.
Outfit 2: Michael Kors trench coat. J.Crew sweater. Urban Outfitters vest. True Religion jeans.
Photos by Claire Galloway.

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