Quarantine, blog makeover, slow fashion…

Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored. No time like the present to get this ol’ blog up and running again, am I right? I am loving the rebranded site I’ve created (updated color scheme, logo, header, the works!) and have lots of ideas for taking this blog in a bit of a different direction. Hope you’ll join me! When I started BWK, I basically mimicked what I saw other people doing and just posted outfits with short descriptions of what I was wearing, where I was wearing it, etc. Not very interesting. I love sharing outfit ideas and brands but I was always bored with the posts themselves. I can share my looks on IG, but do you really want to read about my outfit in a blog post? “This is a sweater I bought from Sézane. Isn’t it cute?” I mean… how dull. Over the years, my interest in sustainable fashion has burgeoned into a borderline obsession. (In fact, I will be continuing my education and studying global fashion and sustainability soon – surprise! More on that later.) I am tired of the fast fashion trend that we have seen emerge in full force and […]

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I’m Thankful

Before people rush to the mall for Black Friday deals or start trimming their trees with lights and ornaments, let’s all appreciate this day and take time to be grateful for all of the beautiful people, things, and experiences in our lives. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after you sit back and appreciate how lucky or ‘blessed’ you are? The other evening I was sitting in bed stressing out about finding a job and making money and not having enough Instagram followers and people being flaky and blah blah blah…and as I sometimes do when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I reached for my journal to scribble down a few thoughts. But then I started reading my journal instead. I ended up reading it from the very first entry to the most recent and it made me stop and appreciate so much. First, I felt tremendous self gratitude. I remember when I was a kid re-reading my old diary entires and thinking, “man, was I dumb.” But that wasn’t the case this time around. Instead, I was appreciative that I had taken the time to write down my thoughts. I was proud of myself for writing when I […]

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Galentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day one and all! This is my first single Valentine’s Day literally I think ever…or at least since elementary school. I’m not saying that to be annoying, it’s just the strange honest truth. (And I think that in itself says something…jeez Katie, maybe try out the single life? I’m on it…work in progress.) Suffice it to say, I was extremely excited to celebrate my very first “Galentine’s Day” this year. Being in a relationship is great, of course, but I decided last fall that 2018 was going to be a year dedicated to nurturing my friendships. It’s kind of inevitable when you enter a new romantic relationship that your friendships are going to at least change, if not suffer. I dove headfirst into my last relationship and as a result unintentionally distanced myself from many of my closest friends (both emotionally and obviously in terms of physical distance. Hawaii is pretty dang far.) It’s been the most beautiful experience rekindling them since moving back to the Midwest. I feel so lucky that so many friendships fell right back into place with little effort. Going forward in life, I hope I never lose sight of how special and valuable […]

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Local Gifts Under $50

Hey guys! Ahhhhh finally after a few months the blog is back up running and I am so stoked! It’s about time. Happy to share that I’ve taken security measures and hopefully won’t have any issues or blog shutdowns anytime soon. Since it’s already a week before Christmas, I decided to put together a little list of some of my favorite local Hawaii products under $50 that would make great gifts. As you may know, I’m adamant about shopping local and always strive to support other businesses and artists through my blog. Hope these ideas give you some last minute gifting inspiration! 1. XIX Palms Wrap Top. XIX Palms is arguably my favorite local clothing brand. I can’t get enough of the gorgeous prints, soft fabrics, and beachy silhouettes. Wrap tops have become a favorite style of mine lately and this one is one of my all time favorites. It’s $55 via the XIX Palms website but if you sign up for their newsletter you get 10% off your first order, bringing the total down to just under $50. The Blanca wrap top is my favorite but I also love the Syrah wrap top. See more at the XIX Palms website. […]

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Flash Tattoos, Hawaii style

September is here, which means summer vacation is officially over and done with, the weather is getting ready to turn, and the leaves are preparing to change color. Unless you live in the Pacific, of course, where the summers are quite literally endless. I teamed up with Krome Body Hawaii this summer to showcase some of their awesome Hawaii themed flash tattoos. I never got into the flash tat trend, but the Hawaii exclusive collection stole my heart. Next I want to get my hands on the rose gold collection. They’re the perfect addition to any summer ensemble. Check out to see more – they even have an option to make custom tattoos! Amuse Society bikini. Spell Byron Bay bralette. D’Blanc sunnies. Kiele earrings.

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WCW: Emily and Eileen

Today, I’m doing something new – a Woman Crush Wednesday post featuring two of my favorite ladies to follow on Instagram. Let me know what you think in the comments below! Emily Ratajkowski – @emrata I’m sure you all know of Emily Ratajkowski, whether it be from Gone Girl or We Are Your Friends…this stunner has become an absolute internet sensation and it’s easy to see why – she is completely gorgeous! What I like most about Emily, though, is her fierce feminist outlook and her dedication to empowering other women. Because she came into the spotlight in large part due to her role in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video, in which she dances around practically naked, she has unquestionably been cast as a sex symbol. It’s evident from her Instagram feed that she has embraced this aspect of her public identity but she refuses to be written off and categorized so easily. Aside from modeling and acting, she has been known to speak out about causes that are important to her, declaring that as a public figure it is her responsibility to take a public stand on political and social issues. Emily is also constantly speaking about female sexual […]

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