Quarantine, blog makeover, slow fashion…

Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored.

No time like the present to get this ol’ blog up and running again, am I right? I am loving the rebranded site I’ve created (updated color scheme, logo, header, the works!) and have lots of ideas for taking this blog in a bit of a different direction. Hope you’ll join me!

When I started BWK, I basically mimicked what I saw other people doing and just posted outfits with short descriptions of what I was wearing, where I was wearing it, etc. Not very interesting. I love sharing outfit ideas and brands but I was always bored with the posts themselves. I can share my looks on IG, but do you really want to read about my outfit in a blog post? “This is a sweater I bought from Sézane. Isn’t it cute?” I mean… how dull.

Over the years, my interest in sustainable fashion has burgeoned into a borderline obsession. (In fact, I will be continuing my education and studying global fashion and sustainability soon – surprise! More on that later.) I am tired of the fast fashion trend that we have seen emerge in full force and I refuse to be a part of it anymore. Get ready to see more second hand finds, thrifted treasures, pieces I love from sustainable brands, and styles you have seen me wear before that I continue to restyle. I am so passionate about this, you guys. We are the ones who can end fast fashion, or at least slow it down.

I am preparing several new posts but in the meantime, here is a little mood-board of my quarantine thus far:

Cheers to this new chapter. Hope everyone is staying safe and this blog post finds you healthy.

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