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After a multi-week search for this season’s perfect ‘it-skirt,’ I finally found one that fit me. And ever since, I have had a hard time getting myself to wear anything else. I’m someone who generally tries to avoid buying into trends because, well, the definition of a trend is something that’s cool at the moment but will probably be thrown out or sold to Plato’s Closet within a matter of months. This whole button up skirt thing is a whole different ballgame, though. The various silhouettes I’ve seen this skirt in are all classic and considering that most of the options in stores are in neutral colors, I have a feeling that we’ll be wearing these skirts for years to come. Or at least I know I’ll be wearing mine.

Dressing for fall in Hawaii is a little bit counterintuitive, but nevertheless I have been incorporating fall colors and fabrics into my day-to-day dress. Since it has been exceptionally windy lately, I feel that it is at least slightly justified. I wore this fall inspired outfit early a couple mornings ago when Ryan and I headed out to satisfy my craving for the perfect croissant. Along the way, we stumbled into the loveliest garden in the hotel across the street from our apartment and decided to snap some photos in the gazebo.

Mornings like these are my favorite. How would you spend your ideal fall morning?

Ann Taylor embellished t-shirt. Brandy Melville corduroy skirt. Madewell clutch. Urban Outfitters mug. Lucky Brand ‘darling’ necklace. Tory Burch slippers.

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