The Red Wall

Red Wall 4Red Wall 12 Red Wall 9 Red Wall 8Red Wall 10 Red Wall 6Red Wall 11 Red Wall 5 Red Wall 3 Red Wall 2Red Wall 7 Red Wall 1

I don’t have a whole lot to say this evening so I’m going to leave it at this:

1. you can find inspiration anywhere

2. buy some ribbon and pin it around your neck for the easiest ever diy choker

3. a neutral color palette isn’t necessarily boring, it just gives you room to play around a bit

4. explore random alleyways

5. diva sunglasses make life so much more interesting

6. if the music is good you dance

D’Blanc sunnies. Paige jeans. Brandy Melville top. Vintage chambray button-up. Kate Spade purse. Zara shoes.aloha..

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