What to pack: Hawaii

Hey guys!

As you may have noticed, I love a good packing list. The first thing I do after booking a plane ticket is Google search packing suggestions for the destination.

I recently returned from a two-week trip to Hawaii. Since I used to live there, I have a pretty good idea about what to pack when I return for a visit. Nevertheless, I pulled up a few packing lists I found online, compared and contrasted them, and ultimately packed whatever I wanted because mama knows best…

So here goes:

  • Bathing suits. I packed 7. Ok, before you judge me, they are small and easy to pack so why not go a little nuts? I wore all of them at least once. I love wearing something different each day so I purposely brought an assortment of swimwear that I thought would be easy to mix and match. #noragrets.

  • A sun hat. I’m the biggest hat person so of course I had to pack options…which was totally unnecessary. But I really do think a sun hat is worth bringing along.

  • Workout clothes. I brought a pair of leggings, a pair of running shorts, a workout tank-top, a sports bra, and a zip-up workout jacket. Aside from the shorts, this outfit doubled as my travel outfit. Gotta stay comfy on those long flights!

– 2 wrap tops
– 2 crop tops
– 2 button down tops

– Jean shorts
– Beach pants
– Long wrap skirt
– Short wrap skirt
– Cloth shorts

  • Accessories. You guys know my biggest packing tip for fashionistas is to go crazy on the accessories. Adding sunglasses and a pair of big earrings can make even shorts and a tee look planned out and stylish. I brought:
    – 4 pairs of sunglasses
    – A bunch of dainty gold jewelry
    – A pair of statement earrings
    – 2 hair scarves
    – A pretty beaded hair pin

  • Toiletries. Hawaii is one of those tropical places where you’re probably not going to need a bunch of makeup. First of all, you’re going to get that nice sun-kissed glow, so might as well leave the bronzer at home, and second, unless you’re piling on waterproof mascara, your makeup is going to run alllllll down your face whether you’re swimming at the beach or hiking through the jungle. Here’s what I recommend bringing in place of your 10lb makeup bag:
    – Facial moisturizer with SPF
    – A tinted lip balm and lip stain
    – A handful of hair bands
    – A travel brush that is small enough to pack everywhere you go (like this one, which has become my secret weapon.)
  • Also, don’t forget to pack a T-shirt or two to sleep in, socks and undies, any electronics you may need, chargers, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a good beach read.

I hope this list is helpful! Consider packing me in your suitcase the next time you jet off to Hawaii. xx

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