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No matter how far I travel or how much I love the new places I explore, nothing quite compares to the feeling of being at home in the house I grew up in. The familiar smells of chili on the stove and my grandma’s old Victorian Christmas candle, a festive wreath hanging on the front door, cuddling up on the couch with a warm blanket and my chubby cat, a hot bath on a cold day, and a home cooked family dinner complete with an endless supply of wine are just some of my favorite parts of being home.

The first full day in Madison, Ryan, my sister, and I were all so completely jetlagged that we slept until two! It gets dark in the Midwest super early during the winter so we basically had only two hours of daylight before the sun went back down. So, we decided since there was really nothing to do outside, we might as well go to the nearby Sundance Cinema to see Star Wars and indulge in buttery popcorn and local beer.

It was unseasonably warm at the beginning of our trip, (I mean, still only around 30 degrees, but by Wisconsin standards…) so I opted for a black turtleneck with a fuzzy jacket, some jeans, and my go-to black booties.

What’s your go-to cool weather outfit? Stay tuned for a few more of mine before I switch back to bathing suits and sandals!

Amuse Society jacket. Old turtleneck, similar here. 7FAM jeans. Kate Spade booties. Michael Kors purse. Anthropologie earrings.

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