XIX Palms: Part II


Introducing two more XIX Palms looks today –

The first outfit I’m featuring is the Tortuga Wrap Maxi. I love the green mossy color, especially against the backdrop of the woods. I felt like a bona fide fairy princess dancing in the rain with the dress flowing in all directions.

The second dress I have on is the La Noche Lace Mini. The lace details, both at the hem and the neck, are so romantic and beautiful.

Being a fruit addict, one of the things I always look forward to when I hang out on the Northshore is stopping by one of the fruit stands that dot the side of the highway. From local bananas and papayas to dragonfruit and lychee, these fruit stands have every tropical fruit you could possibly imagine. I usually pick up a bag or two of fresh mango but on this particular visit I opted for a big coconut full of sweet refreshing coconut water. The auntie working the stand hooked it up and I ended up with a coconut bigger than my head. Praise the generosity and kindness of Northshore folk.

Across from this particular fruit stand is a beautiful, secluded bay that I had never previously been to. (Apparently parts of the second Hunger Games were filmed there! All hail Jennifer Lawrence!) Anyways, it’s a truly beautiful spot and I was glad to check it out for the first time. Leading up to the beach you pass through an enchanting woods, home to one of the most enormous banyan trees I’ve ever seen. The drizzle of rain that had been going all morning quickly turned into a full on downpour and soon I was prancing about in the rain while Jake did everything he could to keep his cameras dry. I must say, while it was not the most comfortable experience, it was a world of fun and I think it really added to the photos.

Thanks for checking out today’s post! Keep your eyes out for the third and final XIX Palms post, coming soon.

XIX Palms dresses. Ipanema sandals. Ralph Lauren bracelet. Urban Outfitters bralette. Vintage Coach bucket bag.
Photos by Hawkohaloha..

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