The product line that’s been saving my hair this winter

So as you probably know, I bleached my hair in May and it’s just a wee bit damaged. It’s inevitable that your hair is going to get damaged if you bleach it and it’s kind of just something you have to accept if you choose to make a dramatic change like that. SOOOO ever since I allowed chemicals to suck the pigment out of my hair, I’ve been extra careful and conscious of how I’m caring for the bleach blonde locks I have left. I wrote in THIS post about some of the products I initially used when I made the change, most of them from Aveda, and while I still use them I also discovered another line of products that I’m seriously digging. AND they’re affordable. The line is Kristin Ess (created by and named after Lauren Conrad’s amazing stylist) and so far everything I’ve tried I have really loved. The first product I tried was the purple shampoo. My own amazing stylist, Laura, gave me a purple tint in late November and I haven’t been totally wild about my Aveda purple conditioner so I decided to give this a try. WARNING: it is potent!! I actually used it […]

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A Maëlle Holiday

Happy holidays, everyone! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! JK…that’s a lie I tell myself to help get through the cold. I was not cut out for midwestern weather. Anyways, I find that one way to make the start of winter more enjoyable is to dress it all up with sparkles and twinkle lights, from the Christmas tree to the makeup I wear. If you’ve been following me on IG for a while, chances are you’ve already noticed me posting about Maëlle. Maëlle is a Chicago-based beauty brand that carries a complete line of cosmetics and skincare products that are Leaping Bunny certified. One of my favorite aspects of having a personal blog is being able to support products and brands that I stand behind, especially when they are local. This was a big part of my blog identity in Hawaii and since “made in Hawaii” is definitely a thing it wasn’t too hard to find local brands to promote. In Chicago it’s been different. There aren’t a ton of Chicago-based brands that I’ve found. So when Maëlle reached out to me I was very interested to hear more about their brand and products. First of all, I […]

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So you want to be a blonde…3 things to consider

Around the end of April I was really itching for a physical change. During May 2017, I got a beautiful blonde balyage treatment from my favorite O’ahu salon, Foundry, and I loved it so much that I booked an appointment at a salon in Fitchuburg, Wisconsin, to have the same thing done. Here’s what I originally was going for. That was the plan…until I was actually at the salon and my amazing hair stylist, Laura, mentioned Pia Mia and how fun the bleach blonde thing would be. As you may have seen on Instagram, I have now been a blonde for about three months and am absolutely loving it! Since making the change I’ve received lots of questions about the process, so I decided to put together a little post for anyone who may be thinking about changing up their hair. Here are a few things to consider: Cost. Going blonde is a process. And an expensive one, at that. It took Laura and I three visits (about 12 hours total!) to get me from my natural brown color to white blonde. And guys, my hair took to the bleach pretty easily. AKA it could easily take longer and require […]

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