What to pack: Miami Swim Week

As you may know, Miami Swim Week is a tradeshow + a series of fashion shows that takes place each year. As a first timer, I was curious to see what swim week vets suggested packing but I was surprised to see that my Google search for “what to pack for Miami Swim Week” didn’t turn out much. So I decided to make my own packing list!

Whenever I pack for a trip, I start by selecting a suitcase that’s a reasonable size for the amount of time I’ll be away. Since I’ll only be in Miami for three days, I packed a fairly small bag that I can carry on the plane. Another thing I do is try to narrow down a color palette so it’s easy to pull together outfits when I’m away. Here’s what I packed…

  • A fabulous swimsuit for each day you will be there…it is swim week after all.
  • A gorgeous cover-up – I brought one that doubles as a dress. It’s always nice to have options.
  • Cute sandals – regular flip-flops simply won’t cut it.
  • A short dress and sky-high heels: the unofficial uniform of Miami’s nightlife.
  • Beach tote, sunhat, and big sunglasses for time spent poolside or at the beach.
  • A clutch for any occasion where your beach bag is too bulky.
  • A good book and a healthy snack for the plane ride. I always like to bring at least one book, especially when my flight is longer than a couple hours. I also try to always pack nuts or a granola bar for when hunger hits.
  • For those attending the tradeshow portion of swim week, make sure to pack a few cute comfortable outfits. I brought a flowy dress for one day and a tank paired with some beach pants for another.
  • Denim + a belt – always nice to have. I packed a pair of comfy jeans plus two pairs of cutoffs.
  • Makeup-wise, I made sure to pack face lotion with SPF so my face won’t burn and waterproof mascara so my makeup won’t run when I swim. Additionally, I always like to pack a face mask when traveling to keep my skin looking healthy. I chose the Rose Face Mask by Fresh for this trip. Other than that, I packed my standard makeup products including an eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, and blush. For fun, I threw in some red lipliner and lipstick, too.
  • Don’t forget the basics like undies, any necessary chargers, and a toothbrush.


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