Seneca Farms

Instead of throwing it back to spring again today, I’m sharing a look from a couple weeks ago. I know I’ve been jumping back and forth and there is no chronology to my blog as of late, but I kind of like it. It reflects the constant jumping around of my mind this summer. I’m usually a pretty organized person and I like to adhere to some kind of a schedule and have things planned out, which is why it’s been an adjustment to find over the last couple months that I’ve become rather restless. It’s like I’ve had this sudden realization that life is short and I have so much to do…but I can’t decide what to do first!

Many days I wake up with a random new hobby or goal. One minute I’m trying to teach myself the ukulele and the next I’m stirring homemade jam on the stove while googling cheap flights to France. Yesterday I was certain I wanted to jump on the next plane back to Hawaii and open a boutique and today I’m daydreaming about Mexico and dancing to reggaeton until the sun comes up.

The mind is a beautiful thing and I could kill entire days traveling around the world, meeting new people, and living different lives inside my own head. BUT, my indecisiveness about what I want to do and where I want to be has also been kind of exhausting. I’ve been putting all of this energy into thinking about what I’m going to do next and have totally lost sight of right now.

For those who don’t know, I left Hawaii in June to spend some time with my family in upstate New York. My dad grew up here and my parents still have a cottage in the Finger Lakes. Growing up, we would drive from our house in California across the country each summer and enjoy long warm days on Keuka Lake, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the year. It had been about three years since I’d been here last and I found myself really missing it, so I quit my job and packed up and booked a one-way flight.

It’s really peaceful on the lake, which I find to be both a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse because it’s easy for me to get wrapped up in my own head but a blessing because it’s the perfect place to unwind and mellow out. Lately, I’ve been trying to focus on living more in the moment. When I find my mind wandering, I go and sit out on the dock and try to meditate, (I’m terrible at it but that’s what practice is for, right?) or do yoga, or swim, or strum the ukulele some more (much to the chagrin of my family…because I’m pretty terrible at that too.) I’m trying to enjoy the day to day encounters with friends from the lake and just fully appreciate being around my family again.

Today’s post was shot at my favorite ice cream place in the entire world. Seneca Farms has been around since 1950 and was just voted the best ice cream stand in Upstate New York. My parents have been taking my sister and I for ice cream here since I can remember and I’m no less excited to pick a flavor from their massive flavor board today that I was 15 years ago. This is just one of our many summer traditions that I’m trying to fully embrace and appreciate. I have found that focusing my energy on enjoying the now has been so much more rewarding than stressing about what to do next.

I hope you all have a lovely summer day and a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Take time to appreciate the present moment. (And sorry if I sound super preachy, just feeling sentimental.)

Amuse Society romper. Amuse Society x D’Blanc sunnies. Vintage basket bag.
Photos by Claire Galloway.

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