The product line that’s been saving my hair this winter

So as you probably know, I bleached my hair in May and it’s just a wee bit damaged. It’s inevitable that your hair is going to get damaged if you bleach it and it’s kind of just something you have to accept if you choose to make a dramatic change like that. SOOOO ever since I allowed chemicals to suck the pigment out of my hair, I’ve been extra careful and conscious of how I’m caring for the bleach blonde locks I have left.

I wrote in THIS post about some of the products I initially used when I made the change, most of them from Aveda, and while I still use them I also discovered another line of products that I’m seriously digging. AND they’re affordable.

The line is Kristin Ess (created by and named after Lauren Conrad’s amazing stylist) and so far everything I’ve tried I have really loved.

The first product I tried was the purple shampoo. My own amazing stylist, Laura, gave me a purple tint in late November and I haven’t been totally wild about my Aveda purple conditioner so I decided to give this a try. WARNING: it is potent!! I actually used it to further tint my hair by leaving it on for three minutes or so before rinsing. I’s drying but it does the job, especially if you have stubborn brassy hair.

The second product I bought (and my favorite so far) is a deep conditioning spray. This stuff is like detangler for adults. It smells amazing, keeps my hair soft and touchable, and is perfect to counteract the drying effects of the purple shampoo. I definitely overuse this—I can’t help it!

Next up, I bought the rose gold tint spray. I missed my bright pink summer locks and wanted to get some pink color back without the lasting color. You just spray it on towel dried hair, let it sit for a few minutes, and rinse. And BAM your hair is pink. I didn’t go crazy with it because Christmas, holiday parties, etc. (my family loves to hate on my hair) but I could tell from my trial that this stuff WORKS. And it rinses out pretty easily. After about 3 washes I was back to blonde.

Finally, my most recent product is this hair mask. I’ve been using Olaplex, which is all fine and dandy, but honestly I didn’t notice a big enough difference to pay the $30 price tag. This stuff is half the price and works similarly. I’ve only used it twice so far so I can’t speak volumes about it, but if it’s anything like the rest of the line, it’s definitely one to keep on hand, especially during the winter!

The entire line can be found at Target and I’m sure I’ll be adding various products to my hair regimen in the coming months!

PS—a couple other tips for caring for delicate hair:

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase. I got one for Christmas and it rocks. I’ve heard stories of people who swear by silk pillowcases and so far it does not disappoint!
  • Don’t vigorously towel dry your hair. These days I just kind of wrap a towel around my hair to squeeze out some of the excess water without breaking strands.
  • Be especially gentle when brushing wet hair. I don’t fully brush my hair until it’s 100% dry.
  • And obviously, be smart about using heated tools. I try not to put direct heat on my hair more than once every 3 days (which is still probably too often…)

And, in case anyone is wondering, this is 100% NOT sponsored. Just some genuine thoughts.

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