WCW: Emily and Eileen

Today, I’m doing something new – a Woman Crush Wednesday post featuring two of my favorite ladies to follow on Instagram. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

WCW Emily 3
WCW Emily 2
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Emily Ratajkowski – @emrata

I’m sure you all know of Emily Ratajkowski, whether it be from Gone Girl or We Are Your Friends…this stunner has become an absolute internet sensation and it’s easy to see why – she is completely gorgeous! What I like most about Emily, though, is her fierce feminist outlook and her dedication to empowering other women. Because she came into the spotlight in large part due to her role in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines music video, in which she dances around practically naked, she has unquestionably been cast as a sex symbol. It’s evident from her Instagram feed that she has embraced this aspect of her public identity but she refuses to be written off and categorized so easily. Aside from modeling and acting, she has been known to speak out about causes that are important to her, declaring that as a public figure it is her responsibility to take a public stand on political and social issues. Emily is also constantly speaking about female sexual empowerment. She was quoted in a February 2016 New York Time’s article as having said, “It’s incredibly frustrating that society somehow feels that women can’t manage to be political, feminist and a sex symbol.” Emily has gained more that her fair share of negative media attention and many have criticized her for doing more harm than good for women. Personally though, I think that she is a positive role model. Yes, she may post a few more provocative photos on Instagram that your avaerage 20-something woman, but she is very vocal about the fact that she does it to empower herself. She is not going to (nor should she be expected to) apologize for her own sexuality. Thank you for being an example, Emily!

WCW Eileen 2
WCW Eileen 1
WCW Eileen 3

Eileen Kelly – @killerandasweetthang

You probably wouldn’t suspect this sweet face to have been once called one of the most provocative girls on Instagram, would you? Then again, that’s a major social media talking point for Instagram star and my personal girl crush, Eileen Kelly; don’t judge others based on appearances. Just because the 21-year-old looks young and innocent with her petite frame and doe-eyes doesn’t mean she isn’t a sexy self-confident young adult. On the flip side, just because she posts the occasiaonal sexy selfie doesn’t mean she’s a whore. Not only do I love the “I don’t care what people think of me” vibe that Eileen exhudes on her Instagram profile, but I am also so thrilled to see that she is using her online popularity to exducate people about safe and healthy sex. Her semi-new website, Killer and a Sweet Thang, is a sex-ed blog for young people, written by young people. What a freaking great idea!!! Sex is such a taboo topic as it is, but even more so for women. It’s especially refreshing to see a confident young woman talking so freely about her experiences and ideas. In addition, Eileen just strikes me as being very authentic. I think that’s the single most important trait, especially in the age of social media where we are so easily able to hide bits and pieces of our true selves and make ourselves seem “better” than we really are. Alongside pictures of Eileen smiling with friends or posing for photoshoots are selfies of her crying, frowning, laughing – there’s even a photo of her in a hospital bed with a swollen face. She is willing to show her followers an entire range of moods, emotions, and life events, rather than just the select few that make her life seem picture-perfect. There are thousands upon thousands of beautiful girls on the internet, each with an Instagram feed of photos that are perfectly cropped, filtered, and edited, (I’m just as guilty of this as anyone else) and then there are girls like Eileen – beautiful, yes, but also transparent and real. You go, girl! And I love reading your blog!

*All photos from respective Instagram accounts.

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