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Aloha, all! Today I’m happy to be sharing my first beauty post. I partnered up with Maui babe, Nina, to share her unbelievably scrumptious homemade organic skincare products. You can learn more and purchase goodies on the Kula to Kū’au website.

A job I had a while back working at a local organic smoothie shop initially got me super interested in healthy eating. Since then, that interest has extended beyond food and into the world of beauty and skincare products. Although they’re usually a little pricier than generic brands, responsibly made products are so much better for our bodies and for the environment.

Not only does Nina make her products in small batches with pure essential plant derived oils and organic ingredients, but she also is very conscious of the impact her products have on the global environment. She makes sure that her packaging is responsible and uses materials such as biodegradable seed paper and paper jars, recyclable glass bottles, and recycled plastic lip tubes. Additionally, Kula to Kū’au has been certified cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny organization.

I also think it’s awesome that Nina donates a portion of proceeds to support the preservation of Maui’s natural resources. She encourages people to learn more about the trash gyre, overuse of plastics, and the importance of saving our oceans.

Here’s a little bit of background info from Nina about each of the products I tried, as well as some of my own personal opinions.

  • The Hair and Body Oil was inspired by the last of the Puakenikeni flower blooms on Maui. Nina did an infusion with the freshly picked fragrant flowers to capture the essence of the spring bloom. She then blended this infused floral oil with omega rich oils that have natural sunscreen abilities, mineral golden shimmer mica sparkle, jasmine, rose, orange essential oils, and a hand picked sea shell treasure. This might just be my favorite of Nina’s creations. It smells absolutely delicious and leaves my hair shiny and healthy looking.

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  • The Organic Baby Bath Tea is not only sensitive enough for a baby’s delicate skin, but great for adults with sunburn, itching or dry skin. It has a blend of very soothing, gentle yet effective botanicals of lavender, chamomile, calendula, oatmeal, and aloe vera to naturally cleanse and calm skin. As a gal who gets her fair share of sun, I am grateful for such a natural and calming remedy to pamper and soothe my skin.

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  • Both the Moon Light and Coco Cafe lip balms have maui coffee, lavender bud, and tahitian vanilla bean infused oils which are then blended with organic and ultra moisturizing mango and shea butters, unfiltered Hana Maui beeswax, other omega rich healing oils and pure essential oils (no fake fragrances!) Nina loves using the By the Moon Light lip balm before bed, with its soothing lavender, sandalwood, ylang ylang and citrus oils known for peace and relaxation. She says that the Coco Cafe lip balm is best for day time with its coffee zing and cinnamon/clove essential oils.

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  • The Coconut Milk Salt Bath is made with organic pineapple, Hawaiian taro, vegan coconut milk, aloe vera, and Hawaiian pink salt. It is infused with handmade Tahitian vanilla extract, along with vanilla, grapefruit, and tangerine essential oils. I’m kind of obsessed with this product, which leaves skin feeling silky smooth and smelling of the tropics.

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Forever 21 one-piece. D’Blanc sunnies. Kula to Kū’au skincare goodies, available at http://www.kulatokuaumaui.com.


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